What does success like?

I wondered about the same thing for years.

It’s time to find out for yourself.


I know exactly where you are because it’s exactly where I have been myself.

On some days, you even don’t want to get out of bed.
You just want to pull the duvet over your head and wait for this whole misery to stop.

Every time you think you can figure it out, you feel even worse.
Because you sort of know that your usual techniques do not work this time.

You struggle to concentrate at work.

Being a workaholic though, don’t allow yourself to slip.
You work. You make things happen.
You probably spend more hours at work than before.
Things seem to take more effort, but you get them done.
You feel like you are doing the same work, but with a 400lb backpack on now.

First of all, because you have difficulties to concentrate and things take longer, because you are just not fully present.

You feel your batteries are running low.
You have no energy.
You struggle to sleep.
You can feel that you are physically weaker than you used to.

You also see that suddenly your work doesn’t have the same meaning.
Even benefits and promotions do not have the same meaning anymore.
Who actually cares about this?
Thinking this, you hardly recognize yourself.


You have realized that you cannot continue like that. You need some help.
Actually, you don’t just need help. YOU WANT HELP. That’s why you are here.

Someone who understands what you are going through.
Not that your boss doesn’t. Or the family doesn’t.
But you need independent help.
Someone who gets you.
Someone who helps you to get back on track.
Not into the same “working like a horse” mode.
But also not someone who tells you to see positive things in life, meditate and do some mindfulness exercises.


Having success and feeling success are two different things and need two different skill sets.

You know how to have success. Let me show you how to feel success.

What if creating inner success is as easy as creating outer success and it just requires a different strategy that you have not yet figured out?

I am here for you and ready to help you figure things out.


Is this you? Are you ready for this?

Then let's do it together.




    • Corporate executives who have been working like a horse and have so much success in their professional life but feel like s**t on the inside because of all that dread, unhappiness and unfulfilled ambitions?
    • Moms who want to feel confident in themselves & their ability to get and succeed in a new job
    • Workaholics that know exactly how to get anything done at work, but now struggle to keep going because they lack focus and direction.
    • Executives who are done with feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed and want to feel better in life and at work.
    • Workaholics who want to learn how to find purpose and joy in their life again.


    • You have access to me as your personal coach on a 1:1 basis for a period of 3 months.
    • You get tailor-made support to your needs from an internationally experienced HR Director and Certified Life & Career Coach (Mindset Master!) and my formula for feeling on the inside what you portray on the outside.
    • I am direct and will not sugar-coat things for you
    • We have one online coaching call each week and I will support you outside of our sessions with 24/7 messaging support and additional sessions upon request.
    • You do not pay me for the hours I have worked with you, you are buying a result.


  • Working with me will make you feel fulfilled and successful on the outside AND inside.

  • Can you imagine how waking up every day with excitement for your life & career will not only make you feel like a rock star, but it will also reflect in the same way on your family?

  • Imagine, what sort of success you will be able to achieve in any area of your life and career, considering that you are already successful right now despite feeling dreadful, unfulfilled and frustrated.


  • Feeling happy and fulfilled is not rocket science, but it will take the specialized work we do together to make this truly successful for you. Success is not just to find temporary relief, it is bringing back that excitement for your life & career that makes you feel and show up invincible for you, your job and your family

  • The only thing between you and sanity is a FREE discovery call with me. On this call we will discuss your unique situation and talk about the strategy for exploring and establishing your new life.

So, if you are ready, let's go! Apply for a free discovery call right here.