So you want your career and pay cheque back, but don’t know how to conquer this?

So You Want Your Career And Pay Cheque Back, But Don’t Know How To Conquer This?

It’s ok!

I know exactly where you are because its exactly where all my clients are when they get here. 

They feel stuck, alone, and dread the journey of crawling their way back up the corporate ladder to just get back to where they were years ago when they left. 

What if that wasn’t the answer?


What if you didn’t have to crawl back and work so hard to just end up back where you were?

I work with moms just like you who made the difficult decision to take a break from their career to make their family, their health, and their personal life a priority. 

That was a huge step, but now you are ready, willing, and excited to get back to your career but it seems so daunting. 

seize this opportunity to
get the job of your dreams

I show you how to not only get your career back, but to seize this opportunity to advance it, make more money, and get the job of your dreams using everything you currently have.

You already have experience, you already have skills, you already know the job and the industry, you just want to get paid what you deserve and show your value in the corporate world again. 

The other fear my clients have is what if they do get all of this. The dream job, the good paycheque, and the career they left behind…what happens to their family?

Balance is key to the success of this major shift in your life. A huge part of the work we do is exactly this. It would not have the same meaning if you found all of the success in your career and your family suffered because of it. That won’t happen working with me. 

Is this you? Are you ready for this?

Then let's do it together.




    • Women who want total clarity about how to find a job and how to balance this job with their family
    • Moms who want to feel confident in themselves & their ability to get and succeed in a new job
    • Women who want to live guilt-free without frustration and resentment towards their family
    • Moms who want to increase their self-worth and have their own income
    • Women who want to feel fulfilled both privately and professionally


    • You have access to me as your personal coach in a highly personalized environment on a 1:1 basis for a period of 3 months
    • You get tailor-made support to your needs from an internationally experienced HR Director and Certified Life & Career Coach (Mindset Master!)
    • I am direct and will not sugar-coat things for you
    • We have one online coaching call each week. 
    • I will support you outside of our sessions with 24/7 messaging support
    • Additional sessions are available for you upon request

My Program                

  • I work mainly with women.
  • I work with clients who are ready to get back to their career.
  • They are stuck and frustrated with the process of finding a job.
  • I work with mothers who have lost their confidence and feel guilty about their desire to return to work.
  • I only work with clients who are ready to invest in their self-development and career.


  • You will be crystal clear about how to find a job and how to balance this job with your family and personal requirements.
  • You will feel confident that you can get your career back and succeed.
  • You will succeed guilt-free without feeling resentment towards your family.
  • You will have an increased self-worth.
  • You will enjoy your own high-level income and feel fulfilled.


  • It’s not rocket science, but it will take the specialized work we do together to make this truly successful for you. Success is not just a paycheque, success is a rewarding and fulfilling career with a balanced family life.
  • The only things between you and this life is a FREE discovery call with me. On this call we will discuss your unique situation and talk about the strategy and plan to give you the life, and career you want. 

So, if you are ready, let's go! Apply for a free discovery call right here.