Engaged and high-performing employees drive success, right?
So what happens when they aren't’ engaged and aren't performing?

We all have those really good employees in our company.
People that are technically really sound and do a great job to drive success for the company.

But suddenly you realize that they are not the same. 

They seem to lack focus. 

They are not concentrating. Mistakes happen.
Covid, family, health, it all affects us differently. 

You suddenly hear some complaints from colleagues, their team and the occasional customer. 

Productivity is going down.
Success is declining. 

And now your alarm bells are going off. 

Shit you think! Do I need to fire this person? 

And I hear you.

Your thoughts are completely normal. 


So let’s look at options here.

Keeping a person means in general: 

  • You need to see an improvement sooner rather than later
  • You don’t really have the time, knowledge and resources to deal with this
  • You don’t really want to have to deal with it either

Letting the person go comes again into your mind. 

Alright, let’s talk about that as well: 

You can always go through a performance management or capability process, depending on the law of the country you are operating in. 

The downside of this often is: 

  • It takes a long time. 
  • It is not an easy process. 
  • The person will still not perform during this time and probably drag the team down during it. 
  • You still need to pay the person, but do not get very much out of them.

Not sure how you feel, but it seems like both scenarios are not ideal. 

Let’s go one level deeper and look at things from a different angle. 

You see, for most of us at some point in life, things get turned upside down. 

For different reasons. 

Life is 50/50. For all of us. Ugly things are part of life. 

For some more often or more intense than others.

For some, it is harder than for others.

Most of us are not good at asking for or getting help. 

We don’t want to come across as not capable. Or being a burden. 

Funnily, we all accept that during our career we need training and support. 

Someone to bounce ideas off. 

Accomplish common goals. 

What if life was the same? 

What if it was perfectly acceptable and encouraged to get help and support at times?

The truth is, this is actually how things work.
Whether we like it or not.
Whether we accept it or not. 

Whether we think it’s stupid or not. 

So what if it was perfectly acceptable and encouraged to offer help and support to your staff?

I mean, we always have the option to go through performance management and eventually let a person go. 

The route  you go down depends on your aim. 


If your aim is having a well-performing team and a profitable department and company, then let’s think again: 

In order for a company to perform, we need people to perform. 

In order for people to perform, they need experience and training. 

That’s one part fixed. 

The other part is the human factor. 

People are not cars or machines. 

Well, even when we think about a car, it’s not sufficient to just re-fill petrol and make an oil change. 

At some point, the car needs more maintenance, service. 

A new set of brake pads or tyres, right? 

So, humans need similar support. 

Now look at your staff member, that was once a really good performer. 


What if you could just send that staff member to have some service and maintenance? 
A lot of issues could actually be fixed and your staff member may just perform as well as before.  Or even better. 

Because unlike a car, they actually can appreciate what you have done for them as an employer. 

And it makes you attractive. For existing staff, to customers, to the outside world. 

Because people may not remember every word you say to them. 

But they will always remember how you treat them. 

And that, they will shout out to the world. 

Whether you like it or not. 

And regardless of any confidentiality agreements. 


So, are you ready to offer some service and maintenance? 

If so, let’s talk and design the service package for you.






  • Willingness to invest in your staff member.
  • Results depend on your staff member being prepared to fully commit to the process. 
  • Whilst results cannot be guaranteed, one of the following outcomes will be very likely: 

– Your staff member learns and applies the tools I teach and manages to put themselves back on track. 
– Your staff member may not want to stay in the company any longer, which may result in an amicable departure and a lot less time and money spent on performance management. 


Creative business team discussing
Female boss standing at an informal team meeting


  • The aim is to bring your staff member to a place where they are waking up every day with excitement for their life and career and will not only feel like a rockstar themselves but also portray that energy to their managers, colleagues and team and deliver outstanding performance. 
  • Working with me requires your staff member’s willingness to get uncomfortable. 
  • I am not here to just reassure them, I am here to question their thoughts and beliefs and dig deep. We will find the real issues and work on them. 
  • That also requires their willingness to make a change, which is usually neither easy nor comfortable at first. 



  • Through my experience as an HR Director with more than 13 years international experience across various countries, industries and companies, I am fully aware of what it takes to succeed in a corporate environment. 
  • I have also worked with more than 30 different nationalities, so I know what makes different people tick. 
  • After being myself in a very challenging personal situation for several years, I have a lot of understanding and empathy for people, but I also know what can be done to get back on track and not only keep a job up and running but also perform in it. 
  • Through being a Certified Life and Career Coach as well as a Chartered CIPD member, I have developed a whole tool box out of which I am able to choose and use what fits with the relevant individual. 
  • I work with a combination of business understanding, NLP and CBT and a big portion of love and appreciation for human beings. 

So, if you are ready, click to shoot me a brief email to get started.