I am Anke

and I help you to get unstuck 

personally and professionally

I totally get it.
You have dreams you want to achieve.
You are on a mission.

I know you have the drive. And the knowledge. 

You know what to do in principle, but you cannot get past where you are. 


I was exactly where you are. 

I was an HR Director and I did pretty well. And I definitely didn’t hate my job or the company I worked for. 

I just had bigger dreams. Dreams of helping people achieve their next level in their careers. 

On paper, I had all it takes. Literally. 

Experience in multiple countries, companies, industries. An HR Degree. Two HR qualifications. A coaching certification. 

I knew what people needed to move forward. But I was not able to move myself forward.

I felt so stuck. And I was about to give up.
Probably just like you right now!

What was missing, was something I could not see. Or understand. 

I was really frustrated and desperate to make things work, so I kept on looking for solutions. 

And one day, I found the missing piece. 

I had deep-routed beliefs that I have built many years ago. Beliefs that served me well at that time, but not now. 

These were locked up in my subconscious mind, just like money in a big vault in the basement.

Once I understood this, everything unlocked for me. 

I went to the basement, looked at it, cleared it up
and created exactly what I wanted.

What I cleared up was beliefs like “I am not good enough or clever enough to do this”, “being self-employed is dangerous”, “it is irresponsible to give up a good job like this”. 

Once I understood that I had those beliefs, I also understood how I got them and what they have been doing for me. I was able to release them and create new beliefs about myself and my abilities.


That was the key to the vault!

I have been trying to figure out how to open this vault for years. 

I have spent lots of money and tried so many different things. 

Just like you! 

So stop it. I have your solution!