We all experience it, but for some of us it is paralysing.

It holds us back and stops us from living our life.

Imagine a life without the worry, stress, and fear that anxiety brings.

It’s time to dive deeper and ELIMINATE the root cause of your anxiety, so that you can experience freedom from anxiety once and for all.

Before we get started, here's a small gift for you
that will help you calm your anxiety instantly!

A better life is possible

There are so many treatments, methods, and medications out there to “reduce anxiety”. You may have even tried a few, or all of them. 

But the anxiety keeps on coming back. 

You need to do something DIFFERENT.


The “Freedom from Anxiety Method” is not just about reducing anxiety or providing temporary coping tools. 

It is about identifying the root cause and then eliminating it permanently.

My clients do not only feel a significant reduction in stress, worry, and fear immediately, but in working with me they get the gift or the complete elimination of that so they are clear to create, build, and enjoy life on their terms.

The good news is nothing is wrong with you.

It is actually not about YOU, the problem is in a very specific part of you, and this is the place that we access and remove that part of you, so the rest of you can get on with what you’ve always wanted out of life. 


Let me explain what I mean.

Hi, I'm Anke.
I am an RTT Therapist and Life coach for someone just like you!

I had a period in my life where 

a lot of my family members became sick. Like really sick. 

We are talking about diseases like strokes. Cancer. 

Motor-neuron disease. Alzheimers. Anorexia. 

Just to name a few.

I was never really sick myself, but seeing one family member get sick after the next, 

I suddenly experienced a lot of anxiety and depression.

Now you may say this is normal, but it got to a point where I found it really hard to function. 

My concentration was shit. 

I found it hard to get out of bed. 

I got panic attacks. Just out of the blue. 

One day, I decided that this had to change. 

So I decided to change things. 

That is when I created the very first draft of the “Freedom from Anxiety Method”. 

It all started off with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) and Life Coaching.

I found the power in each of these and then found the incredible power of combining these 

to create a method that would not only reduce the pain I was feeling, 

it actually give me the power to remove it from my life completely. 

It didn’t change what was happening around me. 

My family was still sick and kept on getting sick. 

But it changed so much for me. 

I started sleeping better, felt more energy, felt in control, and could function better. 


And the “Freedom from Anxiety Method” was born.


Want to find out how the “Freedom from Anxiety Method” can work for you?

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