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after your career break

Career breaks …

… can be made for various reasons.

Sometimes, these reasons are great, like when we become mothers or fathers, or when we go on a sabbatical to travel or study.

Other times, we make a career break, because we have to take on more responsibility in the family to care for a loved one, sometimes we are sick ourselves or we get terminated from our current role.

Whatever the reason for your career break is, most of those who want to return to work have one thing in common: they have lots of doubt and guilt and don’t know where to start.

In any case, you are in the right place to get the job and pay you want! Let’s go.

Why do I need coaching for that?

You don’t. I’d like to ask you a few questions though.

How much time have you spent so far looking for a new job?

How many of your questions are unanswered and left you in doubt and confusion?

With my help, you may not only get a job quicker and earn money earlier, you will also have fun during the process and feel clarity and confidence.

Find out how and book an appointment below for a free chat.

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About Anke

I am a Certified Life & Career Coach and an HR Director in a multinational company.

By working with me, you get the best of both worlds –

insights from my experience as an HR Director across multiple industries, countries and companies


a top-notch coaching experience to help you deal with all your limitations, doubt, confusion and frustration in your job search experience.

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  • Anke saved me. I started working with her when the family dynamics in our household were at a very low point with seemingly no hope of improving. Anke's compassionate but matter-of-fact approach helped shift my perspective - and therefore my actions. Working with Anke grounded me, and gave me a path back to a better relationship with my two teenagers and an often absent husband. She armed me with tools, mantras, realism and hope. She was always accessible and utilized "tough love" when I needed it. I was a "doubter" about lifestyle coaching until I worked with Anke and found out how much of a positive difference she can make!

    Donna, USA
  • I have been working with Anke for the past three months on my crazy stress levels that I thought were caused by my executive role and being a mum of twins. I had lots of health problems and the relationships with my family got worse by the week because I was so exhausted and overwhelmed.

    After my doctor told me that I should be taking a break, my alarm went off and I started looking for solutions. I came across Anke, who offered me a free consult call to see what all this coaching is about. At that point, I believed coaching was only for super fancy people. Anke made me think otherwise, even after our first call. With her funny and no BS approach, she proved not only my beliefs wrong, but she managed to enable me to enjoy my job again, have a much better relationship with my family and she also helped me putting some exercise into my day and decrease my blood pressure! I am so thrilled.

    Anja, UK
  • I've been working with Anke for about 9 months now, and the whole experience has been revelatory and wonderful. I began coaching sessions with her because of my stress with my work, but our work has evolved to improve my sleep habits, my attitudes toward my body, and how to treat myself with kindness. Through it all Anke has been committed to helping me grow on my own terms — suggesting new ways to look at my life, but always letting me propel my own progress. She has helped me realize the ays in which I want to change my life and has given me the tools to reframe my perspectives. At least once a session I'm speechless because she has made me think of my life and my choices in a way that I had never imagined before. I cannot recommend working with her enough. Her caring, but no-nonsense approach to coaching has been one of the best things I've ever done. Thanks Anke!

    Victoria, New York
  • I came across Anke through a friend. A few months ago, I was at a point, where I could not sleep anymore because my work caused me so much stress. My relationship with my boss reached a really low point, I totally lost my motivation and I tried to look for another job without success. I was so frustrated.

    After working with Anke for several weeks, I managed to have an improved relationship with my boss and also find the energy to look for a new role which was more aligned with my interests and financial requirements.

    The coaching with Anke was so much fun and extremely insightful! I have learned so much.

    Fatima, Dubai
  • I love Anke. I have worked with her for six weeks only and she has changed my life. I was wondering about how to address my promotion that I was promised to me. I got so anxious because nothing happened. Anke has shown me how I can take charge of my feelings and actions and address my manager. So in less than a week, I have gotten my formal promotion and a payrise! Absolutely love it. Thank you, Anke

    Emma, New York